Creating Imagery That Matches Your Needs

Sparkplug Collective’s goal is to provide you with visual content that showcases the strengths of your business. I want to help businesses focus on what is important to them by making it easy to engage with their clients through powerful and meaningful imagery.

Camila Gargantini

Hi there!

My name is Camila Gargantini and I am a photographer located on Vancouver Island, BC – Canada but that doesn’t keep me from shooting around the world!  I love working closely with my clients to create imagery that is meaningful to them and I get so excited to see their reactions when they see the final product. I work with a variety of clients, from small businesses and creative entrepreneurs to big name brands. My focus is to create visual content that matches my client’s needs.

Check out my portfolio and get in touch. I would love to work with you!

 Had the pleasure of working with this wonderful human being when I was in Toronto earlier this month. A fellow photographer, Diana did an amazing job in front of the camera.
 Boss lady! Loved this shot of Alix taken at Social Media Camp 2017. Our Headshot Marathon was a success!
 Had the pleasure of meeting and photographing a number of amazing people at Social Media Camp earlier this month.
 Super excited to have become a member of Tourism Victoria. Just finishing up all the details about the lessons and tours I will be offering through Sparkplug. The learn section of the website will be live soon and I can't wait to meet and teach new people about photography on this amazing island!
 Falling in love with documenting spaces. Homes are sanctuaries. Cherished places where memories are made. Capturing their history and style is something I am starting to value more each day.
 Had an amazing weekend eating delicious food, drinking great beer and talking about life, business and creativity with beautiful humans. Here is a little snippet from it.

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